Introducing the Budget Bug Bounty Program

Not all companies / organizations have big security budgets, but many individuals are very concerned about the protection of their brand / data and in some cases their job. Unfortunately it is not always the case that security departments have the full support of their board and at times the security department are seen more as hinderance to progress than being an essential factor in the success of the business.

There are two roads a business can take.  A Vulnerability Disclosure Program of a Bug Bounty Program.  Offering some form of financial reward for a vulnerability disclosure program makes it a bug bounty program and more importantly compensates the researcher time and efforts with something more than a mention on a Hall of Fame. 

Using the fixed platform, Bug Bounty HQ has created the Budget Bug Bounty Program, a $5,000 award pool.  This is designed to help those security departments who would really like some external assistance, but are operating on a very limited budget.  The program includes 20 security researcher invites and lasts for 7 days.

To create your budget bug bounty program, sign up for a Program Account and create your program.

Upon completion, select the launch option and Fixed Platform choosing the $5,000 Prize Pool.  The setup wizard will walk you through the rest

For more information on the Fixed Platform in general

To request free assistance in creating your budget bug bounty program, you can contact the team here