New Program Admin Messaging Feature Added

At times during the course of your bug bounty program, you my find that you would like to communicate directly with researchers that have joined your program.

  • You have just released some new code and would like some draw some research focus to it

  • You may need to suspend testing for a given period of time

  • Or simply, you just want to say how awesome the researchers are


Bug Bounty HQ has now added messaging.  With this new addition, there are now three means by which you can keep your extended security research team (the bug hunters) up to date.

  • Program Profile Page

  • Direct Messaging

  • Program Blog Feature


Direct Messaging



Create your email and send



Program Blog Feature



Write and publish your entry



Your blog is listed and can be either edited or deleted



The below screen shot shows a researcher who has joined the program and is viewing the program profile




Viewing Blog